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The Haul

UPS has been going overtime. This is the list of things I'm hauling to the boat:
  1. O Rings for my Oil Cooler
  2. Bronze plug for same
  3. A new 5 1/2" 7/16 Fine Thread bolt, for the oil cooler
  4. Replacement deck shower nozzle
  5. Jerry's Refrigeration Pump (he shipped it to me)
  6. LED Stern Light (My Goiot fresnel lens broke on the last crossing, and I can't source another one)
  7. 12v inline fuel pump (for priming and for the generator)
  8. A big Rivet Tool
  9. Assorted Rivets
  10. A thread sert tool (very cool- like rivets, but for inserting threads)
  11. New 160A Fuse that I blew last time
  12. New Aquis towels (to replace the ones I took off the boat so long ago)
  13. A new Furuno GP32 (to replace my GP30, which has gotten snooty and isn't talking to the other instruments)
  14. 30' of 3/4" ID Raw water hose, to replace the line from the oil cooler to the tranmission cooler, and to the exhaust elbow. (And new All stainless hose clamps!)
  15. New material (and slides) for curtains
  16. New sunbrella and eisenglass for dodgers (and the old ones for patterns)
  17. New vinyl tablecloth
  18. My rebuilt Lewmar 25, to put back on the mizzen mast
  19. New stainless steel bolts for the winch
  20. Sandblaster attachment, for cleaning the mizzen mast
  21. Miscellaneous zincs
  22. A surprise present for Karen & Jerry
  23. 2 new impellers for the generator
  24. New speaker boxes and speakers to mount in the bridgedeck coaming
  25. Replacement 1/4 FPT valve, for draining the muffler
  26. A drill pump and attachments for cleaning out the siphon break with acid
Thankfully, I can check two bags for free, since I'm now a Gold AAdvantage member!

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