Following Valkyrie as she sails about on the big blue...

October 31, 2011

Lots to update here. Added Current Location tab (using some custom findmespot.com parsing), as well as fixed the Google calendar integration. Moving all my personal sites over to Amazon EC2, and this was the first one that I did that with.

Lots to update here- highlights that (hopefully) will be coming:
  1. Massive bottom job overhaul
  2. Lightning strike from 2009
  3. Norfolk Trip
  4. Potomac Trip/Washington DC
  5. Cruising 600: Rebuilding your own Hurth transmission!
  6. Baltimore, Oxford, Cambridge, Annapolis cruising (2010 summer)
  7. Caribbean cruising (2010-2011 winter)
  8. Lightning strike (again!) (2011 summer)

April 4, 2009

Stoopid hacker. Thanks to Safari 4’s showing of your recent pages, I noticed this site was hacked, since yesterday. Changed password, notified my hosting provider, and forwarded the information from the ftp logs and such to my Turkish friend in the cyber-crime criminal investigation unit in Turkey. Not a wise move, mister.

May '08

After a harrowing engine experience (see blog), Valkyrie is getting ready for a week long trip at the end of this month. Hopefully Jerry & Karen will be able to buddy boat!

March '08

Valkyrie is currently in Irvington, VA, as she undergoes extensive refitting. This year she received a new suit of sails from North, a new oven, her in mast furler was completely rebuilt, new raw water strainer, new fresh water pump, and many, many more...

We're not sure what's next, but one thing is certain- Valkyrie will be ready!

I've been revamping the website, and will in the not so distant future be upgrading some of the photos with higher resolution pictures, as well as adding the second Atlantic crossing, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Charleston, Beaufort, and Virginia entries to the list of destinations.